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We did it: Greece Tour May/June 2021

It's hard to overstate how happy and content we are to have successfully conducted our guided Greece tour May / June, 2021, our 1st "post-Covid" tour.
We did it: Greece Tour May/June 2021

As soon as we saw that Greece was opening and that we had riders interested, we didn't hesitate to organize a tour over the next 14 days. It was a lot of work in such a short time but definitely worth it. Here we would like to thank our five riders from the USA who have bravely joined our Greece adventure and made it real. 

And how was Greece?

 Greece welcomed our group with open arms. We were among the first tourists. The roads were empty and ours to enjoy. Most restaurants were open and inviting, and the locals were very friendly. It was great to be back, to ride, and to explore. Everything ran smoothly and as planned. Apart from the necessary Covid regulations (masks, social distancing, and fewer tables at the restaurant terraces and breakfasts), nothing had fundamentally changed: the passion for the motorcycling is alive, and we are here to create adventures and plan your motorcycling vacations. 


What a joy to be traveling again after the Covid year....


Howard Allen, USA 

It was great to be able to travel again, the Greek tour was wonderful, great weather, great scenery and exceptional food. Thanks Matej for making the effort to run the tour on such a short notice.

Dennis Dalman, USA 

After being grounded by COVID, the ride thru Greece was like waking from hibernation. How great to travel through a land so rich in history, through spectacular mountain passes along the azure blues of coastal Greece, with food and lodgings. Beyond belief and all under the well-planned guidance of AMT. Ohh, what a release it is! I’m good for another 10,000 years.

Walton Decker, USA 

The Greece tour was one of the best ever, well organized, great guides, and amazingly friendly Greek people. What a joy to be traveling again after the Covid year. Thanks for accommodating my limitations and making this time so special.


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To experience the beauty and antiquities of Greece from the seat of a motorcycle is to experience one of the world’s classic tourist destinations to the fullest. 

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