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It all began 20 years ago in a home garage in Ljubljana... It all began 20 years ago in a home garage in Ljubljana... It all began 20 years ago in a home garage in Ljubljana...

It all began 20 years ago in a home garage in Ljubljana...

...the capital of Slovenia, with two motorcycles and three enthusiastic individuals: Matej and Martina Malovrh, along with their good friend, Blaz Zganjar, all of whom are still deeply involved in running the company. Matej had a vision of attracting foreign riders to our neck of the woods, and Blaz and Martina joined him in pursuit of that vision. At that time, very few foreigners knew where Slovenia was, yet we succeeded in attracting a few enthusiastic riders from overseas within the first year. Our primary marketing tool was a $50 USD webpage.



SMTours (short for Slovenia Moto Tours) is born. The initial idea was to organize tours in Slovenia only. Matej and Blaž bought two BMWs, F650GS and R1200GS. The first guided tour of Slovenia and Croatia welcomed three guests from Florida (Thank you Hank, Larry, and Liliana), with a friend's black Kia Sephia with red mirrors and a sporty spoiler serving as the support vehicle on the tour.

Company's first webpage, very simple and straight to the point.

Matej and Blaz, two friends, at the beginning of a business adventure.

Company's first two BMW's: F 650 GS and R 1200 GS.

First guided tour with three participants and two guides.

We hold fond memories of AMT's first two riders, Hank and Larry, from Florida.

The legendary Kia Sephia served as a support vehicle during the first tour.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is where it all started 20 years ago and remains the base of all AMT operations today.



Inspired and satisfied with the 1st season, we set up five different guided tours going to Bosnia for the first time. The company added BMW RT and Yamaha TDM to the fleet for more variety. A real breakthrough was three groups of riders from the States joining our tours. They have all been our loyal clients for many, many, many years, and some of them still are, serving as our big promoters (Thank you, Alan Singer, Bill & Valerie Robinson, Thomas Knox, Tom Sullivan, and many more).

This was also the year when Martina and Matej got married and went to the States for their honeymoon and visited many AMT clients on the way.

The new born guide and business owner Matej Malovrh.

In the first years, Martina's private Daewoo Lanos served as the main support vehicle, with Martina acting as the main support guide

Bosnia for the first time - The enchanting town of Mostar has become a popular stop on our tours.

Bosnia for the first time - One of the groups from the USA is tasting delicious Oriental cuisine in Sarajevo.

The breathtaking Adriatic Coastal road, with its amazing vistas of numerous islands and the Adriatic Sea, became our trademark.

Big Rental Group from USA in front of the hotel, ready to depart.

One of the groups from the USA had lots of fun off the bike as well.

One of the groups from the USA enjoying the spectacular view of Dubrovnik, one of the top destinations in Croatia.

Martina taking pictures backwards on the bike on one of the tours. In the early days, obtaining as many photos from the tours was really important.



Our fleet welcomes our first support van, an Opel Vivaro, alongside a diverse array of motorcycle brands including BMW, Hondas, Suzukis, Kawasakis, and Yamahas. The number of guests grows rapidly as we expand our tours to Montenegro, birthing our legendary Beautiful Balkans Adventure. Simultaneously, the iconic 'Don't be a chicken, ride Slovenia!' T-shirt is introduced. Additionally, this marked our debut attendance at the BMW MOA Rally and the publication of our inaugural brochure.

Our first real support van, the Opel Vivaro.

We even squeezed a spare motorcycle into that tiny little van.

"Don't be a chicken, ride Slovenia" T-shirt is born.

Our first brochure, the 2006 edition, became an annual publication.

AMT starts attending the annual BMW MOA Rally in the USA, significantly boosting our recognition.

Expanding our tours to Montenegro - Riding in Durmitor NP is on of the highlights when in Montenegro.

The Santa Rosa BMW Club booking the Beautiful Balkans Adventure with 19 people was a big surprise, as they were one of the biggest groups ever.

With more tours on the road, there were more encounters with the police. Fortunately, they were mostly nice encounters.

Keeping the spirits up even in rainy weather.



The company gets a new name - Adriatic Moto Tours. Changing the name was one of the best decisions. We extend our tours to Central Europe, adding our 15-day Czech-Hungary tour to our repertoire, where we combined European historical places and riding for the first time. The tour became very popular.

We start running the tours under Adriatic Moto Tours brand name.

Czech Hungary Tour group in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. The tour became very popular very soon after its inception.

Czech Hungary Tour group in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

Czech Hungary Tour countryside roads.

Czech Hungary Tour in Prague, one of the nicest and historically very rich European capitals.

Czech Hungary Tour in Budapest and the breathtaking Parliament building, which stands as an iconic symbol of the city's grandeur and architecture.

Matej and Martina guiding their first Czech Hungary Tour.

2008 - 2010

2008 - 2010

These were the years when the company was evolving, diligently enhancing its expertise, honing its strengths, and refining its tours and services. In 2008, we introduced Tour Booklets and GPS devices, significantly elevating the quality of our tours. The team expanded. Until this point, Matej, Martina, and Blaž had managed all tours and office operations.

We significantly broadened our tour offerings by expanding into the Balkans, incorporating Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Greece. Additionally, we debuted our first Italian tour, named Tuscany Sardinia Corsica, which greatly bolstered the popularity of our tours. Finally, we upgraded our beginner's $50 website to a more sophisticated platform.

Not only did the AMT family grow, but so did Matej's and Martina's, who welcomed their daughter in 2008.

We introduced and prepared Extensive Tour Booklets for each tour to ensure our guests receive the best possible experience.

In 2008, we introduced GPS rental for riders at a rate of 10 EUR per day.

Nevertheless, those were still the days when maps were relied upon, as GPS navigators were just emerging.

The team expanded with the addition of another guide Rozle.

Venturing further into the Balkans with Intriguing Southeast Europe, AMT captures a moment in Albania where riders pose on one of many bunkers.

AMT in Greece in front of the ancient temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio.

The delivery to Greece was accomplished with a trailer hitched to a Honda, which was Matej's and Martina's family car.

Our first Tuscany Sardinia Corsica tour group from Brazil and USA.

First bike delivery to Venice was made by a hired truck.

The development and recognition of our company were enhanced by the creation of a new and more sophisticated website.

2011- 2013

2011- 2013

The home garage and office finally became too small with almost 60 bikes in the fleet and more people getting involved. We bought new business premises in Ljubljana. This was a significant investment and a major step forward.

Introducing our Romania to Istanbul adventure earned us the title of true connoisseurs of the Balkans, as we traversed virtually the entire region. The business soared to a new level, serving nearly 500 clients annually, while Martina, Blaž, and Matej welcomed reinforcements in the office, garage, and guiding team.

We began attending the Ulysses AGM in Australia annually which led to a significant increase in the number of Australians joining our tours.

New AMT premises in the suburbs of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

The AMT team expands enormously, with around 15 people involved in the organization.

The AMT team at one of the first legendary introductory rides.

AMT acquires a trailer for 7 bikes, greatly facilitating transfers between destinations.

Introducing Romania to Istanbul Adventure - Tour group in front of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

Romania to Istanbul Adventure and Romania's most spectacular and best known road the Transfagarasan Highway.

Romania to Istanbul Adventure and the local guys posing on AMT's GS 1250.

AMT starts participating in the annual AGM of the Australian Ulysses Club, promoting tours to Australians.

2014 - 10 years

2014 - 10 years

Wow, we made it to 10 years! This was a significant milestone and confirmation that we were on the right track. By this time, we had established ourselves as a well-known tour operator, recognized as the expert for the Balkans. Being the first company to initiate tours in the Balkans back in 2004, we had become acquainted with all the best roads and destinations over the course of 10 years of operation.

Despite our profound affection for the Balkans, we ventured into the Alps for the first time and introduced two legendary tours: Top of the Alps and Alps Deluxe & French Riviera.

Well done! Ten years of organizing tours and continuously improving :-)

AMT Touring Destinations in 2014. The number of different tours is increasing every year.

AMT is becoming known as an expert for the Balkans region - Tour guide explaining historical background of the Balkans on the tour.

AMT Team is growing every year - New Year's Party 2014.

AMT conquers the Alps with a short 9-day and a longer 15-day tour.

AMT in French Alps.

AMT in Austrian Alps.

AMT in Italian Alps - Stelvio Pass.

AMT in Swiss Alps - Grimsel Pass.

2015 - 2019

2015 - 2019

These were the years of tremendous growth: our business flourished, word of mouth spread rapidly, cementing our reputation within the touring industry. Our fleet expanded each season.

In 2019, marking our 15th anniversary, we achieved record-breaking success. With approximately 160 motorcycles in the garage, over 900 clients, and more than 60 tours under our belt, it was truly a milestone year.

The AMT family experienced significant expansion as well. Our office staff expanded, more guys joined the garage team, and the number of guides exceeded 20. These were undoubtedly the golden years, with the world seemingly at our fingertips. We even ventured beyond Europe to organize tours in Thailand and Laos.

AMT New Logo with its famous slogan - Ride Roads Less Travelled.

AMT is gaining recognition as one of the premier motorcycle tour operators.

AMT has gained renown for its well-maintained fleet of the latest motorcycle models throughout the years.

The AMT Fleet is continuously expanding to meet the growing demand from riders.

AMT Team getting ready for the Introductory ride of the 2018 season - Growing Stronger Together.

AMT Team in Croatia in 2019, our record year in motorcycle tours, clientele, and staff.

AMT implemented a complex website in 2018.

Jubilee Brochure 2019 - 15 years of excellent touring!

Thailand & Laos Tour - Experiencing a Different World.

2020 - 2021

2020 - 2021

The sudden onset of Covid-19 pandemic brought tourism to a standstill, prompting the implementation of a free cancellation policy due to widespread tour and rental cancellations. In 2020, our turnover plummeted to zero. We launched the parallel Adriatic Convertible Tours early in the year, but the pandemic abruptly halted its progress.

Fortunately, by late summer 2021, there was a glimmer of improvement, allowing us to conduct a few tours before facing another setback in October. Nonetheless, we were grateful to resume operations.

The Covid-19 pandemic abruptly and completely halted our business in 2020.

Working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Adriatic Convertible Tours - We implemented the same touring concept that made Adriatic Moto Tours successful.

Headed to Greece in May 2021 - the first post-Covid tour.

Happy Riders and Two Guides - First Post-COVID Tour Group in Greece, May 2021.

Post-COVID Beautiful Balkans Adventure, September 2021 - Riders from the USA and Brazil.

Post-COVID Sardinia Corsica Tour, September 2021 - Riders from USA and Poland.

Post-COVID Greece Tour, September 2021 - Riders from USA and United Kingdom.

2022 - 2023

2022 - 2023

These two seasons marked our return to form, allowing us to restart our tours on a full schedule. However, it wasn't all smooth sailing. Despite being understaffed in 2022, we remained highly motivated to regain our momentum, and indeed, we succeeded. We onboarded new office staff, trained new guides, and fortunately managed to retain lots of our experienced guides.

While 2022 started off somewhat slow, it was still a solid year, especially considering the uncertain and unstable spring months. However, 2023 proved to be exceptional, carrying forward the momentum from our best year, 2019.

The 2022 and 2023 seasons marked our full return, with tours mostly sold out.

Best of Southern France & Provence (former Bonjour Provence) 2022.

Alps DeLuxe & French Riviera 2023.

Adriatic Riviera Tour 2022.

Beautiful Balkans Adventure 2023.

The AMT Office Team at full power again, gearing up for the 2023 season.

The AMT Team's traditional seminar before the 2023 season marks a significant return to in-person gatherings after the COVID-19 hiatus.

The AMT Team gathers for the legendary introductory ride before the 2023 season.

The nicest view for sore eyes - a fleet of BMW 1250 GS motorcycles waiting in front of the hotel, ready to start the tour.

We've successfully revived Adriatic Convertible Tours. This group hails from sunny Greece.

2024 - 20 years

2024 - 20 years

Today, Adriatic Moto Tours stands proudly as one of the world's leading companies, providing guided, custom, and self-guided tours, along with rental services in the Balkans, Adriatic Coast, Mediterranean, Central Europe, and the Alps.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our cherished AMT riders for their unwavering trust over the years, and we look forward to continuing to earn that trust for many years to come. Here's to 20 more years of unforgettable adventures!

We are conquering Norway this season!

Here's to 20 more years!

Refreshed AMT logo.

AMT Team Today, ready to deliver exceptional vacation.

The new BMW1300 GS will mark the 2024 season and there are plenty in the AMT garage.

The AMT Office Team in AMT garage dressed up for Mardi Gras, which has became a tradition over the years.

We're heading north to Norway with three fully booked tours scheduled for the 2024 season.

Spectacular Norwegian landscape.

Twisty and empty roads in Norway, a rider's heaven.

Colorful Norwegian towns.