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MT-07, Tracer 9 GT and V4 Multistrada: why we're looking forward to have them in our garage

by Matevž Hribar
As we want to offer our customers the best bikes that the market offers, every year our garage welcomes a couple of new models. There won't be many of them in 2022, but still - in this blog we're presenting why we're happy to welcome two new Yamahas and a Ducati.
MT-07, Tracer 9 GT and V4 Multistrada: why we're looking forward to have them in our garage

2022 Yamaha MT-07: ladies, you'll love it!

Some bikers were a bit skeptical when Yamaha presented a naked bike with a parallel twin engine. Hey, why not a new Fazer/FZ 600, that was powered with a sporty four-cylinder engine? But numbers are saying that Yamaha was more than right: MT-07 is one of the best-selling bikes in Europe! And I can agree: a 'simple and nimble' Yamaha is a great choice for many. Of course, you can't expect the comfort and wind protection as on the FJR1300 or the R1250RT, but hey - it's a naked bike! From our point of view, we really love the seat height - or, to be exact - our lady riders love it. There are more and more women who want to explore our part of the world, but there are not many (big) motorcycles they would feel safe riding. The standard seat height is 805 mm, and there's even a low version with only 755 mm! A lower seat means easier maneuvering at low speeds, easier parking, and, in the end, fewer scratches on the bike at the end of the tour. And when you add low weight (184 kg with fuel!), we have a reason to celebrate. Thank you, Yamaha, you made our life so much easier!

There are no major changes for the 2022 MT-07; new graphics, front light, and the handlebar, while the parallel twin engine was optimized for better throttle response and better shifting. They didn't change much, but on the other hand - there was no need for that. The only thing we miss on that bike is better wind protection and standard heated grips (we install both additionally). Well, you can't have everything.

2022 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT: who says traveling can't be sporty?

I loved the inline three-cylinder engines even before it was first presented in the Yamahas naked bike MT-09. I enjoyed it on MV Agusta Brutale and some Triumph bikes. It's a truly great combo of torqy twin and sporty four-cylinder. And after riding the MT-09 on the one and only Adriatic coastal highway in Croatia, I can already say that its 'adventure' sister, the new Tracer 9 GT, will be a great tool for the roads we ride on our tours. What we're really looking for is the Tracer's new electronic suspension, which should be a great improvement over its predecessor. Why? To make the bike stable for sporty riding you had to manually adjust the springs, but then the bike was not very comfortable... Electronic brains should be a good solution.

It also has a new engine (9% efficiency improvement, better mileage), a new aluminum frame, new LED lights, and standard side cases. Tracer 9, let's dance!

2022 Ducati V4 Multistrada: a bike from another planet

foto: Ducati

We've had the Multistrada 1200 in our fleet since 2013 and we can say it's a bike you either love or hate. For many, its engine is way too aggressive, while on the other hand, we have customers who don't want to ride anything else than the 'Multi'. "Once we rented the GS instead of Multistrada and it felt like we're riding a scooter," a lady, who's riding on the backseat with her husband, once said. And you know what? She's right.

For 2022 we're getting the new Multistrada with the V4 engine with, and holy moly, 170 HP. When you rev it, the bike literally flies and somehow we'd like to lock the engine mode to 'rain' for our tours. We just don't want to get speeding tickets from every single bike rent! Joking aside: when you're gentle with throttle, the bike behaves wonderfully, smoothly, with little vibration. The new 'multi-tool' from Italy has everything: navigation system, radar cruise control (that's why there's a black box in the front mask), heated grips, endless settings for suspension and engine response ... You name it. And you know what? The oil-change interval is now 15.000 km or two years, while the main service should be done only after 60.000 km. Our guys from the garage are happy, too!

You can see our virtual garage here: motorcycle rentals, and if you're interested in riding them in our part of the world, check the 2022/2023 tour calendar or self-guided tours options. See you on the road!