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Blog post

Blog post

Ladies and Gents, welcome to the Adriatic Moto Tours blog!

Bikes and accessories reviews. Destination descriptions. Our guests' stories. And much more!
Ladies and Gents, welcome to the Adriatic Moto Tours blog!

Let's make this one together!

The idea for an online diary about our motorcycle tours has been on our minds for a long time, but now the virus (you know which one) has given us enough time to make it real. We'll be more than happy if this communication goes both ways — we would love to read your suggestions for what we should write about. Bikes and accessories reviews? Destination descriptions? Our guests' stories? Something else? (Just don't bring up the idea of cooking recipes.) Show us where to turn! The road ahead is wide open, and yet the reason for launching our blog is very clear. The plan is to publish two blogs a month on topics of interest to our customers, as well as anyone who is passionate about motorcycling or about traveling - or both.

We have so many stories to tell. They'll find their place now - on the AMT blog.

Who's going to contribute the content?

My name is Matevž.  Some of you have met me on one of our tours. I've worked as a motosports writer for more than 15 years — motorcycle and car reviews, race reports, racers‘ interviews, and travel stories. This was my dream job! Lucky me: I had to travel a lot to ride new bikes, see races, talk to racers and explore interesting places. Nine years ago, I started to work for Adriatic Moto Tours. The dynamics of my workdays didn't change much. I continued exploring interesting places (this time in Europe ‘only’), riding new bikes (mostly BMW GSs), and meeting interesting people from all around the globe, including some (retired) racers. I can say that working as a guide, on a motorcycle or in a support van, is just as interesting and diverse as a full-time job as a content creator in the automotive media industry. The biggest difference was that I didn't need to WRITE down stories about all those interesting places, bikes, people and events. Until now.

Martina (in the background) and Niko, one of our guides, somewhere above the Adriatic coast.

And there's Martina, who’s been with AMT since the very beginning when she was driving a friend’s car on the first guided tour of four guests. She brings a wealth of travel experience to the world of motorcycle tours and has a great touch for guests, for our destinations, and for adventure of any kind. She'll be collecting your ideas for the blog on [email protected].

And then there are our talented AMT guides, who have enough stories for a book! Expect to hear from them on the blog as well.

Enough for the intro. Thanks for riding with us — on our bikes or on your computer screens. Let's go!