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GO Self-guided

For those who prefer riding on their own at their own pace, alone or in a group of friends, a self-guided tour may well be the best option.
GO Self-guided

It can be a good choice also for these uncertain times because it leaves you the freedom to decide when to travel, where to travel and with whom to travel.

We've been working on our self-guided tour options recently, expanding the tour descriptions on our website to make it easier for you to decide which tour to choose and book. We have added prices and numerous itineraries to our published self-guided tours. The selection of the tours is now really rich, and you can choose from many different itineraries in the Balkans & Adriatic area, the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Central Europe area.


Extra nights? Hotel upgrades? More riding? More rest days? 

It's all possible.

Please keep in mind that we can always custom-design a tour specially for you or we can modify any of the guided tours in our catalog to be self-guided, and you'll choose your travel dates and mates.


Even if you go self-guided, you are never alone!

You have our full support 24/7 plus a pre-loaded GPS that will direct you to each destination. Here is what's included if you book self-guided tour with us:

  • Motorcycle.
  • Hotels (breakfast always included).
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure.
  • Introductory meeting and briefing.
  • Tour Booklet: Extensive handbook with descriptions of daily rides, places of interests, suggestions on extra activities and hotel list & contacts.
  • Detailed maps with marked routes.
  • 24 hour phone assistance.
  • GPS navigation with uploaded daily routes, hotels and points of interest, which makes finding your way even easier and more enjoyable.


Customers about self-guided tours:

Marcio & Mirna Pereira,  6 guided tours / 3 self-guided tours

"I think that although we love doing guided tours, we developed an affection for the self-guided. Especially the last one brought us a sense of being more adventurous, we’re always on our own, have to deal with the situations, although we knew we had the support of AMT, if we needed. That never happened, the bikes were always perfect. And the way you guys prepare the GPS, we can go anywhere."

Doug Teeter & Shararanjit Dhillon, 1 self-guided tour

"For us, the value of the self-guided option was the ability to go at our own pace without pressure or feeling bad that we were holding up others. The other value was that we were able to schedule the trip when we wanted to go, not wait for a scheduled tour. Finally, the flexibility of changing the route-to fit in a visit to Venice-for example also was a big benefit. I think the only downside were the camaraderie of the group “après” riding."


Jason Melchner,  2 guided tours / 7 self-guided tours

"There is a real sense of self accomplishment touring solo. Off on a faraway place, you yourself are in charge of the ride with no one else to assist or lead. All on your own is a great adventure and a great feeling after each day ride and especially at the end of the tour. Plus you can schedule the tour on the dates you are free to travel. AMT will then set the tour up coinciding with the dates you want to ride."


John Blackwell,  4 self-guided tours 

"We have ridden four self-guided tours with AMT through the Balkans, Eastern Europe, France including Corsica, and Italy including Sardinia. We enjoy the freedom and sense of discovery that self-guided tours offer us. We move at our own pace, faster than a larger group travels. With the excellent tour booklets that AMT provides we are able to pick and choose the sites where we want to spend time off the motorcycles."