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Around Adriatic Tour - Part 2

In Part 2 of this wonderful journey around Adriatic we will visit some of the finest moto and car museum in Maranello and Bologna, explore hilly and picturesque Tuscany, pass by medieval Orivieto and finish this sequence with Rome and Vatican City.
Around Adriatic Tour - Part 2

DAY 6: Porto Venere – Bologna 236 Km

Morning was sunny but a bit chilly. We were riding towards Passo del Cerreto, when the snow on the road surprised us. What a beautiful sight! It was around coffee time so we decided to stop and enjoy our white surprise. After the coffee we went to Maranello to the most famous and most iconic sport cars factory of Ferrari. We also visited the museum. And that wasn’t all. After lunch we continue our sports cars afternoon and went to see the most eye-catching supper sports car museum of Lamborghinis. Uau, what a sight! We finished our day in Bologna.

DAY 7: Bologna – Florence 143 Km

Some of us made the morning walk to the old center of Bologna to the square Piazza Maggiore, were we admired the Fountain of Neptune Basilica di San Petronio. We started our riding day with a must stop in the Ducati factory and Ducati museum. Factory tour was amazing! We saw the production lines of the engines, testing center of the engines (they test every single engine!), assembling line of the whole bikes where they add frame, engine, suspension, etc. We saw visual quality check of assembled bike and dispatching center. We continued unforgettable experience tour across museum. After all that experience we had great riding day towards another cultural mecca city of Florence. We finished the day with a short walk by the river Arne and with a drink in the park shared with locals.

DAY 8: Florence rest day

All rested we had exciting cultural day ahead of us. With local tourist guide we expanded our knowledge of the city of Florence. We had a profound walking tour from one to another historical building, towers and churches. Of course we had Florentine stake for lunch and some gelato for desert. Afternoon we spend relaxing in the atmosphere of the city.

DAY 9: Florence – Siena 249 Km

We went to Michelangelo viewing point above the city of Florence and then headed to Pisa to admire the Leaning tower of Pisa and cathedral next to the tower. After coffee in Pisa we headed to the picturesque historical hill town in Tuscany called San Gimignano also known as the Town of Fine Towers with medieval architecture. We finished our day in another medieval Tuscany city Siena. Evening walk to the main central square Piazza del Campo was a perfect finish for the day.

DAY 10: Siena – Orvieto 215 Km

Today we drove the hilly Tuscany roads. We rode among countless meadows and vineyards. Our destination was another historical town Orvieto, which lies on an impressive rock cliff in region Umbria. We spend relaxing evening in the garden in front of our hotel with a view of the old part of the town.

DAY 11: Orvieto – Rome 140 Km

After riding from Orvieto to Rome our highlight of the day was guided tour of the Vatican City. Vatican museum is unique in the world. There are countless pieces of art from the times before Roman Empire and to the recent past. We could spent several days admiring all the art and ambient of the Vatican palace. We finished our tour in Sistine chapel with amazing fresco paintings by Michelangelo. Our last destination of the excursion was St. Peter square with world’s largest basilica of Christianity St. Peter’s Basilica.

DAY 12: Rome rest day

We had a rest day in Rome and it was time for another guided tour with a local guide. We visited some of the most iconic buildings, squares and fountains which has to be on every to do when in Rome. To mention just a few: ancient Roman gladiatorial arena Colosseum, landmark Roman church & historic tombs of Pantheon, iconic 18th-century sculpted fountain called Trevi Fountain, excavated heart of the Roman Empire - Roman Forum, Piazza Navona, etc. We spend a wonderful day in Rome.